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The Foundation
at Work

The Purpose of the Foundation:

1. To promote educational programs with an emphasis on agriculture.

2. To support the development of programs for rural community improvement such as sanitation, medical facilities, communication, conservation of natural resources, and economic opportunity.

3. To promote research in agriculture and economics.

4. To foster education, leadership and self-reliance among youth.

5. To encourage the exchange of information with friends of agriculture from foreign countries.

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The NC State Grange Foundation is a great source of pride and joy among our members.


This non-profit arm of our organization engages in and encourages many important charitable, scientific, and educational activities. Specific examples include:

•  Promoting educational programs for persons engaged in or interested in agriculture or residing in rural communities to improve their agricultural and domestic life skill sets, their standard of living, their self-respect, and their esteem in the eyes of their fellow citizens.

•  Supporting the development of programs for rural community improvement, especially the improvement of medical facilities, power facilities, sanitation, communication, economic opportunity, and conservation of natural resources.

•  Promoting research in agriculture and economics in order that reliable and useful facts and statistics may be made available to the agricultural community and the public.

•  Fostering education, leadership, and self-reliance among youthful members of the agricultural community by means of scholarships, training programs, and public recognition of worthwhile achievements.

•  Exchanging knowledge with friends of agriculture from foreign lands, sponsoring their visits to our farms and homes, and showing them firsthand the roots and workings of North Carolina agricultural life.

•  Encouraging and facilitating charitable activities that benefit the poor, handicapped, or underprivileged persons in our state.

Your Gift helps good things to grow.

Please consider supporting the Foundation and its good works by remembering a family member or loved one with a gift to the Foundation, including the Foundation in your will, and/or including the Foundation in your annual giving program. Some recipients of the Foundation’s contributions include:

Helms Legislative Internship Program
Sampson County History Museum
Grange Youth Scholarship Program
NC Zoo Honey Bee Exhibit
Smithsonian Soils Exhibit
IRS designation
Grange Camp

The NC State Grange Foundation, Inc. has been approved by the Internal Revenue Service as a 501(c)3 Charitable Organization. As such, gifts to the Foundation are tax deductible to the donor. Gifts from the Foundation are made in accordance with the purposes of the Foundation.

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