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Scholarship Program



The State Grange and National Grange offer scholarships to its members.  Whether you are currently in high school, heading to college for the first time, or are a current college students, you have the opportunity to receive a scholarship through the Grange as a full time student.

There are three scholarships offered to NC Grange Youth


Primary Secondary Grant

To assist families with school age children who are facing unexpected educational expenses, grants are available for up to $250 per application 

NC Grange scholarship ($1,000 renewable)

To assist in educational expenses for full time students for up to 4 years of undergraduate study and 2 more years of graduate study

2023 New Scholarship Applicant

2023 Renewal Scholarship Applicant

*Please note* Both of these online applications must be completed in one sitting. They cannot be saved and completed later.


National GROW Club scholarship ($500)

To assist in the educational expenses of Grange members from across the United States

Download Primary Secondary Grant

Download GROW Scholarship Application

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