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The NC State Grange is truly a grassroots organization. 

The development of Grange legislative policy begins at the local level, giving every member a chance to voice his or her concerns. Adopted policy is brought to local, state and national leaders’ attention by the Legislative Department and through active involvement of Grange members. Grange policy is a true representation of Grange members and focuses on a wide range of issues ranging from agriculture to education to taxation and more.


To receive a copy of the Legislative Guide, please email Laurie Barnhart, the NC Grange Legislative Director at Please note, you must be a current Grange member to receive a copy of this document.

Thank you to Congressman Hudson for support of H.R. 1946 the Medicare Multi-Cancer Early Detection bill

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Temporary Ag Worker Bulk Purchase Authorization Form

Temporary Ag Worker Bulk Purchase Letter From Troxler

National Grange Rural Health & COVID-19 Article

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