Young people

ages 14-20


who would like to take part in meaningful activities while having a great time, have a place in the Grange!


The State Grange youth are involved in a wide variety of activities with many opportunities that include: Grange Camp, scholarships, talent recognition, State and National contests, awards recognition, travel opportunities, leadership opportunities, team building skills, partnering with other organizations and building lifelong friendships.

Ultimately, youth are given the opportunity to participate in activities and events to help them to become leaders in their communities and to learn how to make a strong, positive impact on the world around them. Youth meet new people, reconnect with old friends and transform into confident leaders. There are youth activities available at all State events as well.

For more information on State Grange Youth Program, contact Jennie Gentry, State Youth Director,

Making an Impact

One of the most important focuses of the Grange Youth Program is helping youth to gain the confidence and skills they need to making an impact on their local communities and the world in which they live. Every state event offers activities to build those skills as well as service projects to get involved in helping others. We take pride in helping youth make a strong, positive impact.

Leadership Opportunities


The Grange works to help its youth to build leadership skills, character, and self-confidence. By helping Young Grangers learn the skills they need to be a good leader, they gain confidence and are able to make a positive impact on others.  All events focus on these skills while having fun. There are very many different leadership opportunities for youth in the Grange. Whether serving on a committee or as an officer, all Grange youth have the opportunity to get involved! Some of these experiences also lead to travel opportunities and recognition.


State Youth Ambassador Program

Each year, one male and one female, are chosen to represent North Carolina as the Youth Ambassadors. These two young persons are selected for their leadership qualities, their Grange experiences, and their drive to help the Grange grow. They are chosen through an application and interview process and must be willing to travel. They serve for one year and represent the State Grange at many events including Regional Youth Conference and the National Grange Convention. These young leaders also interview at the National level for an opportunity to serve as National Youth Ambassador. Ambassadors experience many exciting and rewarding moments as well as the opportunity to meet youth from other states. Being an Ambassador is achieving the top leadership position and is a special honor. 

State Youth Team

Each year, up to six Grange youth are selected through an application and interview process and must be willing to travel statewide. These young people exhibit leadership skills, motivation, and enthusiasm. These youth are willing to give their time in order to help the Youth program grow. The purpose of the Youth Team is to help lead activities at various events, recruit new youth, and help plan Grange Camp. Serving on the team offers youth an excellent leadership opportunity.  


State Youth Officers

Youth may be involved in leadership roles by becoming State Youth Officers. Youth elect their peers into these positions during the Winter Youth Conference. Each officer has a different responsibility and each officer grows substantially through this leadership opportunity.  Youth Officers lead the Youth Drill Team and meetings at Grange Camp and State Convention, and learn more about the Grange as well as parliamentary procedure.

Youth Leadership Team:

Ambassador: Landon Woolard, Beaufort Co. Grange

Ambassador: Katie Leonard, Arcadia Grange

Youth Team: Marcus Avendano, Southern Wake Grange

Youth Team: Hannah Bright, Troutman Grange

Youth Team: Kirsten Cash, Troutman Grange

Youth Team: Margie Griffin, Troutman Grange

Youth Team: Amber Long, Bushy Fork Grange

Youth Team: Zac Mazag, Troutman Grange

State Youth Officers:

President: Margie Griffin, Troutman Grange

Vice President: Katie Leonard, Arcadia Grange

Program Director: Hannah Bright, Troutman Grange

Chaplain: Nadia Punt, Troutman Grange

Steward: Tyler Leonard, Arcadia Grange

Assistant Steward: Landon Woolard, Beaufort County Grange

Lady Asst. Steward: Nayhive Gonzalez, Bushy Fork Grange

Treasurer: Marcus Avendano, Southern Wake Grange

Secretary: Nora Smith, Southern Wake Grange

Gatekeeper: Lucas Carter, Southern Wake Grange

Ceres: Zipporah Hayes, Taylor's Bridge Grange

Pomona: Emma Stack, Cape Fear Grange

Flora: Liz Cartwright, Guilford Grange         


Executive Committee:

Cole Settle, Little Mountain Grange

Celeaha Swaim, Troutman Grange

Caroline Vandaveer, Southern Wake Grange

Hannah Gentry, Little Mountain Grange

Kirsten Cash,Troutman Grange

Drill Team Leaders:

Quentin Wellington, Southern Wake

Baylor Howerton, Bushy Fork Grange

Contests and Awards

Youth can get involved and win cash prizes by participating in a wide variety of contests.  Each spring, the State Grange holds its annual Talent Show at Family Conference.  And each fall, youth can submit entries in many contests including photography, art, crafts, writing and baking.  Most popular are Parliamentary Procedure, Grange Jeopardy, Public Speaking and Sign-a-Song (sign language) for which contests are held on state, regional and national levels. 


Youth can also receive special awards and honors including National Achievement Awards, state and national leadership recognition, service awards, and Grange Youth of the Year.  We also offer awards for collecting Can Tabs for the Ronald McDonald House. 


See the Program Guide for details on contests and awards.

Grange Camp
The State Grange believes in helping youth to become leaders. We strive to help them grow, learn, and believe in themselves all while having fun. Grange Camp is the most popular event for youth!  Every summer since 1940, the Grange has held camp and the tradition is still strong as ever. We participate in camp adventures such as canoeing, kayaking, games, high and low ropes, swimming, wall climbing, archery, campfire and more. Various activities help build leadership, integrity, promote responsibility, and nurture teambuilding skills. There is also an opportunity to learn about the Grange and its history through Model Grange, learn about our country, and express patriotism. In addition, we adopt a special community service project. On top of these camp activities, campers make new friends, visit with old ones, and make lifetime memories.


Primary Secondary Grant

The purpose of this scholarship is to assist Grange families with school age children (K-12) who are facing unexpected financial expenses. The scholarship may be used for expenses such as field trips, band instruments, required athletic supplies not provided for by the school, extensive project supplies in science, art, math, drama, etc.
Download Grant Application